Plug into the 0x protocol and trustlessly trade tokens on your phone.

Native Mobile App

Trade On The Go

Mobidex is the first native mobile app to be used with the 0x protocol. This makes it the ideal user experience for trading on the go.

Decentralized Trades

Trade ERC-20 tokens without a centralized custodian. Through the 0x protocol, token swaps occur on a wallet-to-wallet basis.

Integrated Wallet

Mobidex is a native application that can be used on Android and iOS. Instead of relying on a browser, the wallet is built-in. All you have to do is follow the initial setup and generate a public/private key pair.


Security Through Transparency

We believe in security through transparency over obscurity. Any wallet or app that claims it provides trustless trading should prove it by being open source.


No Fees For The Foreseeable Future

We have no plans to charge fees for the time being. Mobidex is a relayer that sources liquidity from other relayers. These orders may charge a fee.

Product Roadmap

Upgrade To 0x V2

New features such as forwarding contracts, permissioned liquidity pools, and sender separation will enable Mobidex to accept new market makers and simplify the user experience further.

Fiat Gateway

Folks need a way to buy into markets without too much hassle. Currently, the work flow is:

  1. Buy Ether on a centralized
  2. Send Ether to Mobidex
  3. Trade on Mobidex

We're going to simplify this experience by collapsing it into a single user experience.

Trade Notifications

Trading is easier when you know when to buy and sell. For this, we'd like to add configurable trade notifications.